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Plant Maintenance

The cost of downtime time is better imagined if proper maintenance management is not put in place. In view of this a manintenance managemnet system (MMS) which entails short term, long term planning, and records are incorporated to guarantee effective smooth flow of maintenance work that can prolong the plant life.Our MMS also monitors man-hours loss, spare availability, plant condition montoring - on or of line as the condition may be.

With adequate routine maintenance we have been able to -
  • Minimize component wear and extend equipment life
  • Ensure lubricant suitability for continued use
  • Monitor viscosity levels for optimum performance
  • Reduce unscheduled downtime
  • Increase reliability
  • Boost company profits
Plant maintenance deaprtment is divided into various sections that are managed by senior managers(SM) principal managers (PM) and assistant general (AGM) managers as listed below:
Heads of Sections: Maintenance Department
1.Mechanical   Engr. C.O Udenze   AGM
2.Auxilliary   Engr. I.K Balogun   AGM
3.Pump & Compressor   Engr. A.B Giwa   AGM
4.Electrical   Engr. N.F Ejike   AGM
5.Planning   Engr. E.A Edino   PM
6.Boiler   Engr-Tech. T.B Mustapha   PM
7.Turbine   Tgst. I.O Ogoro   PM
8.Electrical   Mr A.A. Orotusin   PM
9.I&C   Mr. G.A.O Emujede   PM
10.PC&M   Mr A.A Animashaun   PM
11.Estate Civil   Engr-Tech. A.A Saidu   PM
12.Auto Workshop   Tgst. E.C Nwakama   PM
13.Workshop   Tgst. I.O Soddiq   PM

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